Red Baron Kiteboarding School    

North Kites form the majority of our kite gear and we’ve chosen the Rebel range in various sizes due to their user friendliness and intuitive safety systems. These kites are built tough, are easy to relaunch and are forgiving, major draw cards whilst learning to kitesurf.

If you’re looking to purchase any kites in the North range we recommend Onboard Snow and Surf for their helpful, friendly attitude and sound kiting knowledge.

Onboard Snow and Surf

Headzone Communication Systems

We’re stoked to be using the latest in coaching technology, Headzone radio helmets which have a built in waterproof headset enabling us to talk to you whilst in the water and throughout your lesson. This is another level in terms of safety plus we’re seeing students progress quicker!


Kite Rental

We have a range of new season kites, harnesses and boards available for hire. We charge $80 per hour for a set plus require a $500 deposit which we’ll hold against a credit card. Let us know what you need and we’ll ensure it’s on the beach waiting for you.

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